I wanted to touch base with you and take a moment to thank you. We are truly grateful with the shelter that is in process of being built at our home. I know the peace of mind it brings to my family is priceless....protecting families for future generations. 

Take care, 

Dave R. Franklin, TN 

7ft. X 7ft. HABIFRAME Storm Shelter

Garage Retro-Fit (under the stair case)

The Emergency Storm Shelter that you installed in our building is just what the doctor ordered. It gives our people a sense of security and peace of mind that we have a safe place to go to during rough weather. Your installation team was great. They came in and worked a very long day installing the room. They were fun to watch installing the Emergency Storm Shelter. Everyone knew his job. They were like a well-oiled machine. Thank you for the great service you provided for our team, at our plant. 


Dan Sights 
Amerex / Getz Manufacturing 

10ft. X 15ft. HABIFRAME Storm Shelter 

Commercial Installation

It has been a couple of months since you and Mel completed the installation of our shelter and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with it. As a person who works in the civil engineering world I appreciate not only the certifications associated with our shelter but also the inherent robustness of its construction. It truly adds a level of peacefulness to our life knowing regardless of the severity of impending weather we are a mere step away from absolute safety. Mel was an absolute professional during site construction, ensuring the site was left as clean and orderly as he found it. I would gladly recommend your shelters to my relatives and friends and anyone concerned for their family's safety during a severe weather event.
All the best my friend,
Chris & Mary Lou Romei
Leeds, AL

HABIFRAME Storm Shelter 

Custom Carport Retro-Fit