Texas Tech Wind Science & Engineering Center impact testing.

We installed this 9 x 12 for Carbine & Associates after the framing was completed. This shelter will double as a master bedroom closet.

HABIFRAME Inc. is a patented building system that has worked with Louisiana-Pacific and Simpson Strong-tie products to develop an incredibly strong storm shelter that meets or exceeds FEMA 320/ICC 500 guidelines. Our storm shelters have successfully completed rigorous tests performed by the Texas Tech Wind Science & Engineering Center. The conducted tests have simulated the force of a 250 mph wind, which is equivalent to an F-5 tornado. The Habiframe building system was subjected to a complete wind load analysis by Structural Design Group, Inc. of Birmingham, Alabama.

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Home Owners: Maximize Your Space

Don't waste the space! Your storm shelter can double as a home office, master bedroom closet, wine cellar or gun safe!

You can customize the sheet-rock, paneling, HVAC, electrical, and other finishing materials of your shelter. Above ground shelters eliminate problems with bugs, moisture, and mold..NO FEARS of being trapped under the debris of your home after a devastating tornado. All Habiframe Storm Shelters are steel-reinforced throughout which includes a steel door and steel frame for maximum safety. (shelterdoor.com

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